Liquid nitrogen can be dangerous and even deadly. Care is required in the safe handling of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

See your Liquid Nitrogen Supplier for Complete Safety Instructions

Nitrogen gas makes up 78% of the air we breath and is odorless, colorless, tasteless ... and it can kill you! LN2 gas itself is not toxic but if it replaces the oxygen in the air it can cause suffocation. Liquid nitrogen is very cold at -195°C (-320°F) and when it evaporates it produces a large amount of very cold nitrogen gas. These two properties give liquid nitrogen the ability to cause major damage. If anything cooled in liquid nitrogen touches your bare skin it will instantaneously freeze to you. You should gloves and goggles (not glasses) when working around liquid nitrogen. Always use needle nose pliers or forceps when removing straws or canes of semen or other items from the LN2 storage container. Don't transport tanks in a closed car or truck.

Do not overfill your tank. Check the level of liquid nitrogen in your tanks at least weekly and never allow the liquid nitrogen level in the tank to get lower than 5 inches from the bottom of the tank. Use a special plastic or wooden yardstick to check the nitrogen level. Never use a hollow tube or pipe as the boiling nitrogen will force the LN2 up the tube and into your face.

Never seal liquid nitrogen tanks with a tight fitting stopper or plug or the pressure build up will cause the tank to explode with great force. Only use the original neck tube plug that came with your tank and replace when it becomes worn. If the tank becomes covered with frost or condensation the vacuum could be failing. If the tank is damaged, transfer the contents to another tank immediately or face the loss of your product.

A CT Cryogenics liquid nitrogen tank should be stored and used only in an upright position in a clean, dry and well ventilated area. Tipping them over will causes the liquid nitrogen or nitrogen vapor to spill out and greatly reduces the tank's holding time. Never drop or jar the tank as this can damage the vacuum system. Large tanks can be very heavy and cannot be easily and safely carried but the optional roller base provides for safe and easy movement in your storage room.

A little common sense and caution are necessary for liquid nitrogen tank safety!